Privacy Policy

It is important for those who run small business to take care of privacy policy. Small business people want to know every little thing like name in dress and many more things about their customers. If the owner of the whole business takes these things, he should keep them with a privacy policy. He should not disclose their information to anyone, and that information should only be between the customer and the owners.
Tells why our company gives and takes our data and how it uses our personal and sensitive data
and it is a easy to understand and accessible and easy to use.

personal data

Personal data is that which only identifies the person.

Sensitive data

Sensitive data means something that needs a lot of care and unauthorised access.


personal data include IP addresses, email addresses, and sensitive data such as our biometric data and health information.
It is not so important that we follow both of them and that is what the privacy policy is based on.
Privacy policy

We use the privacy policy so that our data can be protected from ant type of the difficulties. Anyone who opens our website also sends us a notification to accept the privacy policy. If I do not accept the privacy policy and then our data It will not be saved and our data may go to someone else
Put your videos and there are some people who do views now what happens is that what we watch we have to save our data so we have to update it if they give it to us. So we should update it because the people who are running YouTube in the background have not implemented any security systems in it, so we should update it and that means our safe means our privacy and more. It does not harm us, but it also protects our data

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